Dragonfly Macrophotography
Hungarian dragonfly-safari
In Quest of the „Flying Flowers" (Hungarian butterfly trip)"
Slovenia-Croatia butterfly special with 4 Large Blues pre-extension
Butterflies of Montenegro
Butterflies of Serbia with False Comma
Sri Lanka: Butterflies, Leopards, Blue Whales
Nepal: Butterflying at the Foothills of the Himalaya
Ethiopian Butterfly & Wildlife adventure with Tribal extension
Ghana butterfly adventure
Butterflies, Chimps, Gorillas (Uganda)
Day-birdwatching trips (Hungary)
Bears, Great Bustards… vampires!
( Hungary+Romania)!
The late summer birding trip (Hungary)
Crane weekend of Hungary
Wallcreepers, Ptarmigans, Rock Partridges (Slovenia-Croatia birding circle)
Birding in Serbia
"Birds & Pharaos", birding in Egypt
Southern Red Sea birding & diving adventure
Ethiopian birding adventure
Hungarian Bat Safari
Big game photosafaris
Hiking, Trekking, Multicultural - Outdoor
Ecoholidays in Hungary
Multicultural Highlights of Dracula country
Castles, Vampires and Counts of the Carpathians
The hidden face of Transylvania and Bucovina
Mediterranean Odyssey (Slovenia, Croatia)
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Most trips operate only with a minimum number of bookings. Therefore, we have to reserve the right to cancel a trip, refund to you all the money you have paid, and to offer you an alternative trip. However we operate small groups, and such a case is rare.

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Upcoming trips & Expeditions

Slovenia butterflying (28 June - 04 July, 2023)

Bears and Butterflies of Transylvania. With Danube Clouded Yellow and High Carpathian extension; 07-14 July , 2023)

Crane weekend of Hungary (27-31 October, 2023)

All other 2023' dates are full. We are planning to open some further departures in June.

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