Dragonfly Macrophotography
Hungarian dragonfly-safari
In Quest of the „Flying Flowers" (Hungarian butterfly trip)"
Slovenia-Croatia butterfly special with 4 Large Blues pre-extension
Butterflies of Montenegro
Butterflies of Serbia with False Comma
Sri Lanka: Butterflies, Leopards, Blue Whales
Nepal: Butterflying at the Foothills of the Himalaya
Ethiopian Butterfly & Wildlife adventure with Tribal extension
Ghana butterfly adventure
Butterflies, Chimps, Gorillas (Uganda)
Day-birdwatching trips (Hungary)
Bears, Great Bustards… vampires!
( Hungary+Romania)!
The late summer birding trip (Hungary)
Crane weekend of Hungary
Wallcreepers, Ptarmigans, Rock Partridges (Slovenia-Croatia birding circle)
Birding in Serbia
"Birds & Pharaos", birding in Egypt
Southern Red Sea birding & diving adventure
Ethiopian birding adventure
Hungarian Bat Safari
Big game photosafaris
Hiking, Trekking, Multicultural - Outdoor
Ecoholidays in Hungary
Multicultural Highlights of Dracula country
Castles, Vampires and Counts of the Carpathians
The hidden face of Transylvania and Bucovina
Mediterranean Odyssey (Slovenia, Croatia)
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Thirty most frequently asked questions about a GreenEye' trip.


What is GreenEye?

An ecotour provider of Eastern-Europe, Middle-East and Africa, specialised on butterfly-, birding and other outdoor and wildlife activities.

We organize and/or run things ourselves with the help of local companies. This is a internet-based business, and we live much of the year (7-8 month/year) abroad.

Our business model is lean and clean. We don't have to satisfy investors or company directors. We all made enough money already to live and don't cut corners on the operation to make money. Rather, we find the right balance on spending for the trip so that we (you and us) have a fantastic trip and the rest goes for foundations and more explorations.

We are not interested in expanding, we keep our operation simple and tidy.

To protect yourselves, we require full travel and healt insurance from everybody to join our tours.

Does GreenEye offer any trips
that are appropriate for families or privates ?

Yes - many of our trips are excellent for families, group of friends, couples and people over 50.

  Your trips are really like of a family'?

Yes - one of the main attractions of our trips is the friendly and intimate atmosphere. We also have many programs beyond the main itinerary. For example, cooking traditional meals in a traditional manner, sunsets around a campfire.

  What that means VIP trips?
For these trips we use only the best transport, sleep in former aristocratic Palaces and Mansions - including some that belonged to the Habsburgs - and visit the finest restaurants and winecellars only.



How big are the groups?

Our average group size is 3-7, with the exceptions of some of our butterfly and hiking-trekking tours (up to 12). Small groups are an important ingredient in adventure travel. They offer more opportunities for interaction and allow us to offer a better service during the itinerary. This is also a lot about flexibility and access to the most remote habitats and species.

  What is included in the tour price?

Our itineraries cover all accommodation; all meals, starting with dinner on Day 1 and finishing with breakfast on your departure day; all internal transport; airport transfers; all day trips as outlined in the itinerary; all fees and tickets; all the services of our tour leaders and all the costs of the escort and local guides.

  Are these “educational” tours?

Yes, in the broadest sense of the word, „educational”. We visit museums, national parks, reserves and include talks and discussions on many aspects of local history, culture and nature. But this is only part of the educational experience. We believe that it is equally important to meet local people on an informal non-commercial basis, visit their homes and even try to learn a few words in their native language. Sometimes the most 'educational' moments occur when we wander through the streets of a mountain village or in the heart of a nature reserve.

  How do we travel during the tour?
All local transportation is included in the land price of the trip. We travel with 4x4s or minivans. We use boats and canoes on some trips, and we like to hike when we're off the beaten track.
  What are our accommodations like?

We stay in excellent 3 star acco-mmodations until otherwise requested, that ranges family-run pensions with mountain-views and small hotels. All overnight stays include a private facilities. If you choose a private or family trip with us, we are happy to organise whatever standard of accomodation you want.

Some of our travellers ask to spend 1-3 nights camping. If it is the case, we usually make camp at some beautiful vista, start up a campfire, watch the sunset, and cook a traditional meal over the fire or make a barbecue.

  When is payment due?

A deposit of $350 is due at the time of booking which will reserve your place on the tour. Cancellation charges are applicable and are outlined in the „Terms and Conditions” section of our brochure..

  What should I take on the tour?
Please read our “What to Take” list!
  What meals are included?

All meals during the itinerary are included, starting with dinner on Day 1, and finishing with breakfast on your departure day. We eat a variety of local food prepared in a range of settings. Croatia, Hungary and Romania are well known for their cuisine, and there will be ample opportunity to sample local specialties throughout our adventure. Your drinking water, coffee/tea also included.

  Can you arrange my flights or insurance?
No, we are very sorry but we do not deal with flight tickets, travel insurance and visas.


Can I pay with VISA or other credit cards?


No, unfortunatelly we cannot accept credit cards.
  What can I do if I would like more information?

You can find all the basic details in the itinerary and in the section linked from the navigation bars. If you have any further questions, please write us by e-mail. We are happy to answer to your questions. GreenEye is proud of its record for prompt replies.

  What is the avarage age on the trip? What kind of people sign up for GreenEye tours?

The average age on our tours is usually linked to the type of trip. About half of our travellers are families of different ages, mostly a couple with 1-3 children, or 1-2 couples, or small groups of friends usually in the 50 + age range (most of our trips designed for people 50 and over).

Most of our travellers are different nationalities. Our clients are also diverse in terms of background, but all share an interest in nature.


What is the physical demand on the trip?


Nothing serious. There is no difficult physical exersion on our trips, and certainly nothing dangerous. On some days you should be able to complete walks of 1-4 hours duration, or walk up light slopes. Please assume up to 3-5 miles on the most difficult day. Of course if you feel tired, you have the opportunity to have a break or to stay in with the van. We always have a contingeny for this possibility, and work out a pleasant less physical alternative for those who prefer. Most of our trips alternate walking days with more restful, cultural days.


What does the price include and exclude?

Please visit our "Terns and Conditions" page, and 'jump to' the relevant section.

  Will I have opportunity for shopping or buying souvenirs ???
Beyond general shopping opportunities we take special breaks for the main shopping areas, or we dedicate some time for shopping at the best places, such as so-called 'shopping villages' in Transylvania. ss


What trip should I take if I want to see the most important birds of the Eastern-European region?

Each part of the region has special characteristics, but all of our trips cover the main rarities in a certain area. If you have any special interests, please contact us by e-mail and we will recommend the most appropriate tour available. Our East. European trips usually cover 140-220 bird species and 100+ butterfly species depending on the itinerary. We hold the record for a single trip in the region both for birds (254 species) and butterflies (153).


I'm new at birding. What tours do you suggest?


We welcome new nature enthusiast, reflecting our philosophy of sharing knowledge and inspiring people to find out more about nature conservation. If you have any special interests as a newly hooked, please e-mail us and we will recommend you the most appropriate tour available.


I'm very interested in other aspects of nature in addition to birds/butterflies.

All of our trips include time to see other wildlife such as large mammals and reptiles, but we also have special trips to see bats, dragonflies and others (please visit our "trip" page for details).

Our principal guide has the widest interest of animal life. He knows all the vertebrates of the region from the mammals to the birds, reptiles and amphibians, as well as the insects such as butterflies, dragonflies, moths, and many beetles.


I'm interested in photography. Which GreenEye tours provide good photo opportunities?


All! :)  All of our tours are photography-oriented.
  What tours are the best for people who are limited in the amount of walking they can do?      

We have many trips designed for people over 50. "Designed" means we plan a route which is less physically demanding, with easier shorter hikes, and more breaks en route.

If you have a serious injury or disability we request that you please contact our office before making a booking. We can recommend a private or adequate itinerary for you, which is not necessarily more expensive.

  Can I contact some previous clients? Sure. Email us with your appropriate contact details, your area of interest and this will help us to recommend the most appropriate people to contact.

Upcoming trips & Expeditions

Slovenia butterflying (28 June - 04 July, 2023)

Bears and Butterflies of Transylvania. With Danube Clouded Yellow and High Carpathian extension; 07-14 July , 2023)

Crane weekend of Hungary (27-31 October, 2023)

All other 2023' dates are full. We are planning to open some further departures in June.

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