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Tenthousands of years old rock paintings (Karkur Tahl, Sudan)
Rock paintings (Karkur Tahl, Sudan)
Rock paintings (Karkur Tahl, Sudan)
Rock painting (Karkur Tahl, Sudan)
Handprint (near Wadi Sora, Egypt)
View from the Cave of Swimmers (Egypt)
Swimming figures and ancient handprints in the Cave of Swimmers (Egypt)


Jebel Uweinat - Gilf Kebir Expedition - in track of the "English Patiente".

Summary and recommendation: A 18 days long tour, following the - still visible -tracks of Count Laszlo Almasy, Brigadier Ralph Bagnold, and other famous desert explorers to one of the most remote and strikingly beautiful corner of the Planet.

Note: As a result of new regulations in Egypt, we decided to halt our deep desert operations in the magnificent Gilf Kebir and Uweynat area. New regulations requiring a full escort group of policemen which makes the whole tour insenseable. Instead of we are plannig tours to approach Uweynat from the Libyan side, along with other magical spots, eg. Wau el Namus. Also there are plans to renew south Algerian operations to visit the Tassili area around Djanet.

Destination country:
Egypt, Sudan, Libya. Arrive and depart in Cairo.

Schedule: TBA

Duration: 15 days.

Price: TBA. Single supplement: TBA. Price includes: accommodations and meals, drinking water, vehicle hire with fuel and driver guide, park entrance fees and ranger guides. The price exclude: bank transfer loss, international flight, visa, tips, drinks, personal travel insurance and any other activities of personal request e.g. laundry, toalet fees, phone calls, etc.

Accommodation: Tented mobile camps under the sky. First and last nights in hotels of Cairo.

Transport: Toyota HZJ 75 and 78 Land Cruisers.

Description: "... This expedition is planned to cover most important points of interest in the Egyptian portion of the Libyan Desert. During the 18 days we shall visit the Eastern Gilf Kebir, Karkur Talh, Wadi Sora, the northern Gilf valleys, then continue north to Siwa accross the Great Sand Sea via the Libyan Desert Glass area.


"...The elusive lost oasis. Zarzora is coin phrased to describe anything yet to be discovered in a far away place. Some might say there's little to be discovered. That's not the case with Zarzora. We design our exploring expeditions aiming for that Wish-Oasis, a symbol of a mystery yet to be discovered. The name is the destination..."

Day 1: Cairo - Dakhla. All day drive on tarmac to Dakhla Oasis, spending the night at the Hotel Mebarez. The cars will be fuelled in the evening, allowing an early start the next day.

Day 2: Dakhla - Abu Hussein Dunes.
After a 300 kms along the road south from Dakhla, we shall turn west accross the Selima Sand Sheet. Camp is planned either at the Abu Hussein dunes, or if we make better progress, at the dunes 100 kms further west.

Day 3: Camp - Eight Bells - Shaw's Cave - Southern Gilf.
Continue west to the eastern flanks of the Gilf Kebir, pass by the WWII aerodrome at Eight Bells, visit Shaw's Cave in Wadi Firaq, then continue south towards the tip of the Gilf for camp.

Day 4: Gilf Kebir - Kemal el Din Monument - Clayton's Craters - Karkur Talh. Continuing south, we'll pass by the Prince Kemal el Din monument, then continue towards Jebel Uweinat via "Clayton's Craters". Camp will be at Karkur Talh.

Day 5-7: Karkur Talh. We will spend three days visiting the most important rock art sites in Karkur Talh, including many of the recent discoveries.

Day 8: Karkur Talh - Clayton's Craters - Wadi Sora. In the morning we will drive north to Wadi Sora, visiting the main caves in the best light in the afternoon.

Day 9: Wadi Sora area. Full day visiting the recently discovered sites in the Wadi Sora vicinity. In the afternoon we'll visit Almásy's old campsite, "Chianti Camp".

Day 10: Wadi Sora - Aqaba - Wadi Hamra. Backtracking 50 kilometres east, we'll ascend the Aqaba pass, then continue up a series of sandy passes to the top of the Gilf Plateau. We'll continue on the top of the Gilf to the edge of Wadi Hamra. We'll camp in a small valley on the top, as it's not possible to get the cars up again on the steep sand slopes.

Day 11: Wadi Hamra - Wadi Abd el Melik. We'll visit the green part of the valley and Rhotert's engravings on foot, then continue along the top of the Gilf to Lama Pass, the only possible descent into Wadi Abd el Melik.

Day 12: Wadi Abd el Melik. We will spend a day exploring the upper reaches of the eastern branch of wadi Abd el Melik on foot, which is undrivable, and possibly unexplored. We'll visit a few known rock art sites along the way.

Day 13: Wadi Abd el Melik - Libyan Desert Glass area. After a long drive north in the wadi, we'll reach the plains at the western edge of the Gilf. We will turn east, cross the low northern end of the Gilf via Wadi Gubba, and reach the edge of the Great Sand Sea, the Libyan Desert Glass area.

Day 14-15: Libyan Desert Glass area. A day and a half will be spent prospecting in the LDG area. On the afternoon of the second day we'll start north along the dune corridors.

Day 16-17: Great Sand Sea. Two days will be required to cross the Great Sand Sea, last camp will be among the dunes just before Siwa.

Day 18: Siwa - Mersa Matruh - El Alamein - Cairo. Last day will be spend driving back from Siwa to the mediterranean coast, then back to Cairo, reaching there by late afternoon.



Upcoming trips & Expeditions

Slovenia-Croatia birding (14-23 June, 2022)

Hungarian butterfly circle (29, June - 07 July, 2022)

The Danube Clouded Yellow and her friends (Transylvania butterfly special; 2x July trips, 2022)

Slovenia butterflying (21 - 28 July, 2022)

Montenegro butterflying (10 - 18 Aug., 2022)

Late summer birding trip (Hungary, 21-31 Aug., 2022)

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Count László Almásy (The so-called English Patient...) and Jenõ Horthy in Wadi Halfa (Sudan, 1935)
Count László Almásy in the world famous Cave of Swimmers (1932) 
Count László Almásy at the Kemal ed Din monument (1932)
Kemal ed Din monument (2002)
Karkur Tahl (Sudan)
Aquaba Pass, discovered by Count Almásy
Accross the dunes
Ascending on Aquaba Pass
Duck skeleton in the Sand
Show's cave   
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