Dragonfly Macrophotography
Hungarian dragonfly-safari
In Quest of the „Flying Flowers" (Hungarian butterfly trip)"
Slovenia-Croatia butterfly special with 4 Large Blues pre-extension
Butterflies of Montenegro
Butterflies of Serbia with False Comma
Sri Lanka: Butterflies, Leopards, Blue Whales
Nepal: Butterflying at the Foothills of the Himalaya
Ethiopian Butterfly & Wildlife adventure with Tribal extension
Ghana butterfly adventure
Butterflies, Chimps, Gorillas (Uganda)
Day-birdwatching trips (Hungary)
Bears, Great Bustards… vampires!
( Hungary+Romania)!
The late summer birding trip (Hungary)
Crane weekend of Hungary
Wallcreepers, Ptarmigans, Rock Partridges (Slovenia-Croatia birding circle)
Birding in Serbia
"Birds & Pharaos", birding in Egypt
Southern Red Sea birding & diving adventure
Ethiopian birding adventure
Hungarian Bat Safari
Big game photosafaris
Hiking, Trekking, Multicultural - Outdoor
Ecoholidays in Hungary
Multicultural Highlights of Dracula country
Castles, Vampires and Counts of the Carpathians
The hidden face of Transylvania and Bucovina
Mediterranean Odyssey (Slovenia, Croatia)
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  Entomological links

Please let us know if we have missed any sites that should be listed here, or you find an invalid or broken link! Thank you!

  General entomological pages

Amazing Insects
Andrew's Local Home Page
An Introduction to Insect
Aquatic Insects - Japan
Article du bulletin de
l'Entomofaune: Les collections de référence
Australian National Insect Collection
Beetles by A. Bochdansky & M. Kriftner
Bibliography of New Guinea
Bishop Museum (Entomology)
Boletìn de Entomología Venezolana
Book of Insect Records
British Museum (Entomology)
Bug-Eating Page
CAB - International Institute of Entomology
California Academy of Sciences: Entomology
California Islands Entomological Bibliography
California's Endangered Insects

Centre for Entomological
Research & Insecticide Technology (CERIT)

Centre for Entomological Studies (CES)Ankara-TURKEY
Center for Insect Science
Chemical Ecology of Insects
Colección Entomológica (Universidad de Guadalajara)
Coleoptera: Home Page (Australia)
Coleopterists Bulletin
Colorado State University - Entomology
Coordenacaos de Pesquisas em Entomologia / Entomological Research (INPA)
Cornell University: Entomology
Council of Heads of AustralianEntomological Collections

CSIRO Division of Entomology (Australia)
Cultural Entomology
Deutsches Entomologisches Institut
Dexter's Insect Macrophotography Index
EINet Galaxy (Entomology)
Entomologia - Colección Entomologica CZUG, Mexico
Entomologica Scandinavica: An International Journal of Systematic Entomology
Entomological Collections, by Alexander Poltavsky
Entomologie - France
Entomology and Biospeleology Home Page
Entomology at Clemson
Entomology at Oklahoma State University
Entomology at the LACM
Entomology Department
University of California Riverside (UC Riverside)

Entomology for beginners
Entomology Index: Insect Collections
Entomology on World-Wide Web
Entomology Section of Western Australia Agric. 
Species Comparison of Australian Coleoptera Frames Page
Entomology (World Wide Web Virtual library, Biosciences)
Entomology WWW: What's New?

Essig Museum of Entomology
Fauna of New Zealand 37: Coleoptera: Family Review
Fleming College, Forest Entomology on-line course
Florida State Collection of Arthropods
Forensic Entomology
Fossilized insects in Amber
Furman University Insect Collection
Goeldi Collection (Brazilian insects and vertebrates), Natural History Museum, Berne, Switzerland
Gordons Entomological Home Page
Great Lakes Collections
Harvard University - Entomology
Harvard University: MCZ - Historical Collections
Hotlist on Insects
IBRs under Natural Ecosystem
INHS - Insects
Insect and other pest traps
Insect Division Home Page - Michigan Univ.
Insect Drawings - Univ. of Illinois
Insect Ecology (University of Nebraska)

Insect Ecology in New Guinea
Insect Handbooks (University of Florida)
Insect Investigations Ltd.
Insect News (Antenna)
Insect Paradise
Insectarium De France
Insectarium de Montréal
Insectarium Virtual
Insect Cyclopedia
Insect Population Dynamics
Insect-World Front Page
Insectes dans l'ambre
Insects and Entomology
Insects as Food
Insects Empire
Insects in Chinese Culture
Insects in Motion: film and video
Insects of the former Soviet Union
Insects Page
Insect-World Front Page
Insects' World (mostly Japanese)
INTKEY insect descriptions
Iowa Insect Information Notes
Iowa State University - Entomology
Iowa State's Entomology Image Gallery
Kansas State University: Entomology
Laboratoire d'écologie animale et entomologie
Las familias de insectos de Costa Rica
Le musée d'entomologie de LEVENS
Les insectes sur Vétérinet - France
Maurice T. James Entomological Collection
Mike's Really Lame Insect Homepage
Mississippi Entomological Museum
M. T. James Entomological Collection
Museum of Comparative Zoology insect types
Net Vet
Newfoundland Insectarium
New Zealand Arthropod Collection
NMNH Entomology Page
Nomina Insecta Nearctica - Volume 1 Coleoptera and Strepsiptera
Office pour l'information éco-entomologique (OPIE)
Ohio State University Insect Collection
Oklahoma State University: Entomology

On Collecting Insects
Online Bug Xchange
On-line Insect Database - Univ. of Delaware
Oregon State University
OSU Insect Collection
Other Images of Insects and Other Arthropods

"Panhandle" Entomology
Principles of Insect Morphology - Snodgrass
Purdue University: Entomology
Radar Entomology Web Site
Reed's Homepage - Insects and Caves
Rutgers University: Entomology
Senckenbergmuseum Insekten
Smithsonian Museum of Natural History: Entomology
Sonoran Arthropod Studies Institute
Swedish Museum of Natural History - Department of Entomology
Taxonomic Holdings
Thais - Entomologia, Entomology
The Bishop BugKey
The Entomological collections of Lund University
The Entomology Department's Pages
The Squashed Bug Zoo
Trent University, Biology of Insects on-line course
Trevor J. Hawkeswood's Insects on Line
University of Adelaide: Dept. of crop protection
University of Arizona: Entomology
University of Arkansas: Entomology
University of California at Riverside
University of California - Insect Pest Manag.
University of Florida, Department of Entomology and Nematology
University of Georgia: Entomology
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: Entomology
University of Kansas: Entomology
University of Kentucky: Entomology
University of Louisiana: Department of Entomology
University of Maine: Entomology
University of Massachusetts: Entomology
University of Michigan Musem of Zoology Insect Division
University of Mississippi: Entomology
University of Missouri: Entomology
University of Missouri-Columbia: Wilbur R. Enns Entomology Museum
University of Nebraska-Lincoln: Entomology
University of Nebraska: Insect Ecology
University of Nebraska State Museum: Entomology
University of North Carolina: Entomology
University of Pennsylvania: Entomology
University of Queensland: Entomology
University of Queensland Insect Collection
University of Tennessee: Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology
University of Toronto: Forest Entomology
University of Wisconsin: Entomology
Urban Entomology: Wood-Destroying Insects and Fungi
Utah State University Entomological Museum
Virtual Insectary
Washington State University: Entomology
Western Australia Entomology Branch
Western Australia Entomology Section
Western Australia Species Comparison Frames Page
Wilbur R. Enns Entomology Museum, University of Missouri - Columbia
World List of Insect Families
World of Insects Home Page
World Wide Web Virtual library - Entomology (Biosciences)
Yale Peabody Museum Entomology Collections
Zoological Institute Laboratory of Insect Taxonomy - S. Petersburg
Zoological Museum University of Copenahagen - Entomology Department

  Entomological Societies

Association des Coléoptéristes de la Région Parisienne
Association des coléoptéristes de la région parisienne (ACOREP)
Association des entomologistes amateurs du Québec
Coleopterists' Society
Coleopterists Society
Coleopterists Society
Connecticut Entomological Society
Corporation Entomofaune du Québec
Entomological Society of America!
Entomological Society of Antwerp
Entomological Society of Antwerp
Entomological Society of Canada
Entomological Society of China
Entomological Society of Ontario
Entomological Society of Southern Africa
Entomological Society of Victoria

Florida Entomologist
Gazi Entomological Research Society (GERS): homepage
Korean Entomologist
Lorquin Entomological Society
Michigan Entomological Society Home Page
Polish Entomological Society
Shetland Entomology Group
Societé Entomologique du Limousin
Société d'Entomologie du Québec
Sociedade Entomologica do Brasil
The Australian Entomological Society
The British Entomological And Natural History Society
The Entomological Society of British Columbia
The entrance to the Royal Entomological Society
YES: Young entomologists' Society Inc.

  Forest Entomology, Pest Management, Biological Control

AgriWeb Canada - Entomologie
Applied Entomology - University of Hannover
Asia-PacificCrop Protection Association (APCPA)
Beetles Pest Control - Pflugerville, pest control - CitySearch (Austin) pest control
Beneficial Insects
Introduction Research
BioControl Network
Biological Control: A Guide to Natural Enemies in North America
Biological Control: A Guide to Natural Enemies in North America
Biological Control, Embrapa - Brasil
Biological Survey of Canada (Terrestrial Arthropods)
British Columbia Integrated Pest Management
Buglogical Control
Systems Home Page
Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey (CAPS)
CropNet: Insect management by insect
Danish Institute of Plant and Soil Science
Research Group for Biological Control
Database of IPM Resources (DIR)
FETCH21 - Forest Entomology Teaching
Challenge for the 21st Century
Finland Forest Pests
Forest Health and Management, USDA Forest Service, State and Private Forestry,
Forest and Tree Health Publications and Fact Sheets
Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute (FFPRI) - Japan
Forest Insect Image Collection
Griggs & Browne Pest Control


  Hawaii Biological Survey
Insect Pests, in the USA
Insect pest predators and parasites
Integrated Pest
Management at Iowa State University
Integrated Pest
Information System Database
Istituto Sperimentale di Biologia del Sottosuolo "P.Parenzan", Brindisi, Italy
Kansas Department of Agriculture
Museo del Instituto de Zoología Agrícola "Francisco Fernández-Yépez", Venezuela
National Agricultural Pest Information System (NAPIS)
National Integrated Pest Management Information System Western Regional Site
National Pest Management Materials Database (Purdue University)
NewCROP HomePage
Oklahoma Biological Survey
Pacific Forestry Centre
PMRC: Pest Management Resource Centre
Plant & Insect Associations
Shade and Forest Insects
Stephen F. Austin State University, Forest Entomology
The American Phytopathological Society Homepage
The Entomology and Forest Resources Digital Information Work Group
Welcome to the Insect Control Branch
Western Canadian
Saskatoon Pest Management Working Group


Association of Systematics Collections
BIODIDAC image collection
Biodiversity and Biological Collections WWW Server
Borror Laboratory of Bioacoustics
Chin's Nature Corner on the Web
CSIRO Publishing
Identification Postcards
Images From the National Agricultural library's Special Collections
Images from the Smithsonian Institution
INBio (Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad) - Costa Rica
Insect Collecting Permits - Australia

  Entomological events, Directories, list of links, etc.

Beetle Links - Coleopterists Soc.
Beetles. Links to beetle websites on the World Wide Web
Directory of World Wide Forensic
Directory of Insect Biological Control Labs - Brazil
Directory of Entomological Education in Canada
Entomology (Yahoo, Stanford University)
  Entomology Index
Entomology Index of Internet Resources (Iowa State University)
Entomology Index of
Internet Resources: complete (Italy)
Insect Message Board
Searches of the Entomology Index
Upcoming Meetings of Entomological Interest
World Directory of Systematic Entomologists
XXIè Congrès International d'Entomologie - Brésil 2000
Yahoo's Beetle Page

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Slovenia butterflying (21 - 28 July, 2022)

Bears and Butterflies o Transylvania. With Danube Clouded Yellow and High Carpathian extension; 30 July - 06, Aug. , 2022)

Crane weekends of Hungary (October, 2022)

2023' dates are coming in late August

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