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We will open up our Facebook and Instagramm soon. Everything about company-related issues, discounts, general news... and alikes.

Three new "Butterflies and ..." tours released to Nepal, Sri Lanka and Peru. Sao Tome with Torben Larsen, Madagascar, Ladakh (India) and Serbia coming soon for 2013! In 2014 we are planning to have Kenya and Irian Jaya.
(2nd october)

Just back from the deep southern waters of the egyptian Red Sea, with stunning results. All target birds were seen, incl. two Tropicbirds, 6 Crab Plover, 1 Goliath Heron, 100+ Sooty Falcons again, and the rest of the usual stuff, incl. huge number of migratory birds. Several of them landed on our liveaboard from Shrikes to Little Bitterns. Great sealife made our journey more interesting, incl. a visit to the so-called Dolphin House' Reef where we had a chance to swim together with 80+ Spinner Dolphins.
(28th September)

We finished yesterday our annual "Late summer birding tour" with astonishing results, 162 species on a very leisurely way. We made a modified itinerary with two 4x4s, which allowed us to explore some of the really off-the-beaten tracks of Balaton Upland NP, Somogy county and the Danube-Drava NP before we went to the regular hungarian birding sites. We observed all the usual hungarian goodies, like Saker, Great Bustards, White-backed Woodpecker and we got some good surprised like Nightjar, Thrush Nightingales and a flock of Dotterel at a site I discovered about 10 years ago in Kiskunsag NP. We were very lucky with owls... Eagle Owl, Little Owl, Long and Short-eared Owls, Barn Owl, Scops Owl were all observed. We also had some great insects, most notably Banded Darters, and we also enjoyed some fantastic sight of rutting and fighting Red Deers, which is I believe one of the highlight of hungarian naturescape. Next to Egypt for some pelagic...
(04th September)

A private tailor-made butterfly tour to Transylvania just finished with record-breaking results. At the beginning we made a 24-hour big day record, with 84 species recorded in a row. Than weather turned to be miserable and destroyed some of our days, but we still finished with a astonishing 107 species. En route to home I picked up further 4. It was an incredible year for Danube Clouded Yellow, we pretty much walked up to the knee in this gorgeous butterfly, which gave us perfect shoots of a mating pair and an extraordinary opp. for photographing forma "alba". We also got several beautiful Camberwell Beauties, the endemic and incredible Transylvanian Torquise Blue (Plebicula magna; some more details about this incredible taxa is here), the also endemic ssp. runcensis of Black Ringlet, Titania's Fritillary, and many more. We also seen several Lesser Spotted Eagles, Golden Eagles, Nutcracker and Hazelhen. Next to the Hungarian Plain and than to a pelagic to Southern Egypt for tropicbirds, sharks, and other goodies.
(08th August)

Just back from the annual Slovenia butterfly trip. It wasn't a very successful tour as a result of very serious rains, which destroyed about half of our field-days, but still we got some amazing result, incl. 12 species of Ringlets, done in 1,5 field days. Notabilities included Lorkovich' Brassy Ringlet, Stirian Ringlet and the endemic ssp. trentae of Stygian Ringlet. Next to Transylvania for Festoon's Wood White and Danube Clouded Yellow...
(22nd July)

Just finished our annual fundraising butterfly tour to Montenegro with the European Interest Group of Butterfly Conservation, which ended up with 104 butterfly species in 5 field days only. Amazing result in a amazing country! Apart from a long list of good butterflies we enjoyed some nice Chamois, many rare Bladetails (Lindenia tetraphylla), we did find the megarare Schistostege decussata, and some great reptiles (eg. Asblepharus kitaibelii). From 2012 this tour will be available for every butterfly enthusiasts, for more details please click here! Next to Slovenia...

(8th July)

Back from two another consecutive tours, one to Montenegro-Albania, another in Hungary. Both were combined butterflies & birds tours with many memorable species. In Montenegro we have seen incredible gradation of Black-veined White, something I didn't experienced since the midd. 90's. In Albania the high number of Dalmatian Pelicans, Iolas Blue and a prolonged blank-point view of a male Quail five meters in front of us were absolutely unforgottable.
(26th June)

The hungarian "In Quest of Flying Flowers" tour gave us gorgeous False Ringlets, all Emperors (incl. Freyer's), Woodland Brown, both Gliders, Lesser Clouded Yellow and many more. Now back to Montenegro for a fundraising tour with BC EIG.
(26th June)

Just back from two consecutive tours, one to Syria and another to Slovenia-Croatia. Syria yielded some very memorable stuff, incl. the last three remaining Bald Ibis at nest, blank-point view of Sahara Eagle Owl and fantastic array of larks and wheatears. Slovenia-Croatia gave the usual good number of Rock Partridges, Sombre Tits, Rock Nuthatch, Griffon Vultures, Lanners and Eleonora's Falcons, incredible number of European Scops Owls, and unexpected Greater Spotted Cuckoo. We encountered some beautiful Southern Festoons and early Dalmatian Ringlets, not to mention the thousands of orchids. Very memorable tours... Next to Albania and Montenegro again.
(15th May)

After agreement with Hungarian Heritage Trust and BC Ghana, we designated 8 of our tours as "fundraising tour", for the benefit of butterflies, through buying lands under the auspices of Butterfly Conservation, UK, European Interest Group. To see which tours are fundraising, please check out our full tour calendar.
(20th March)

Just back from a quite exciting tour. I have led a tour to Libya, which was amazing and one of the best experience in my life. However at our second week of travel the crisis started and we evacuated our group at the very last normally available day. I was just informed today, that our local operator' manager, Mr. Jamal Fteis was killed at last Friday. Deepest condolescens for the whole family!!!
(27th Febr.)

Some update with my notes on the new recognised Wolf taxa fappeared today on Wildlife Extra, click here to read the story!
(1st Febr.)

Heterocera Press published a completely new volume, covering the whole Macrolepidoptera fauna of Hungary. 1274 species, 253 pages, 77 colourful plates, edited by Prof. Zoltan Varga. For your copy pease visit the website of Heterocera Press here!
(31th Jan.)

Great times going on in Egypt! We having lots of friends there, our toughts are with you guys!!! If you want to follow the events, watch Al Jazeera online!
(29th Jan.)

An interesting scientific news about the cryptic Egyptian Wolf keep me exciting today, which is related to our own observation with Mrs. Mary Megally from 2007. To read more and see some pictures, probably the only ones ever taken, please click here!
(28th Jan.)

Well, its not about wildlife, but about my beloved country! Enjoy! :))
(21st Jan.)

Yemen-Socotra birdwatching and Southern Red Sea birding-pelagic tours are added to our programs. Some pictures about prevous tours are here, here and here! Djibouti and Somaliland extensions are now under way!
(19th Jan.)

There are some changes in departures, also some groups filled-up, second departures opened. Please click here to check updated status of tours!
(6th Jan.)

As a result of new regulations in Egypt, we decided to halt our deep desert operations in the magnificent Gilf Kebir and Uweynat area. New regulations requiring a full escort group of policemen which makes the whole tour insenseable. Instead of we are plannig tours to approach Uweynat from the Libyan side, along with other magical spots, eg. Wau el Namus. Also there are plans to renew south Algerian operations to visit the Tassili area around Djanet.
(1st Jan.)

Happy New Year for Everybody, wish you good health, lots of fun, lots of miles and beautiful species to enjoy for 2011!
(1st Jan.)

Our BC-EIG fundraising tour to Dubrovnik & Montenegro is full! However, there are still 2-3 places on the Orseg 4 Large Blue extension, which runs between 8-14th July. For a list of previously seen butterflies, moths and birds please check this link, and this! If you are interested in the extension or our 2012 fundraising program (Transylvania supposedly), please drop us a line!
(24th, Nov.)

Just back from a 12 days Jordan tourguiding followed by a 17 days Butterfly Adventure with Torben Larsen in Ethiopia. Both tours were fantastic. We bagged 180+ butterfly species, not to mention the usual fantastic birdlife and many superb mammals. Nechisar NP was especially memorable, as Dr. Larsen said: "-This day was one of the most amazing experience I ever had in african entomology!" Dr. Larsen now will be busy to finish his new african skipper book, but than we agreed to run our next common trip to Sao Tome and Principe with Gabon, which area hosting one of the highest rate of endemism in all Africa. Butterflies, birds and gamelife will be in focus again.
(23rd, Nov.)

We had a very busy autumn... tours to the Adriatic seashore and Julian Alps, followed by a Fellow Deer photoexpedition in Hungary and the usual Crane migration before off to Jordan and Ethiopia.
(23th, Nov.)

The preliminary "Butterflies, Chimps, Gorillas" itinerary to see the best butterfly hibatats of Uganda is released. The tour also excellent to see some great endemic birds of Mt. Elgon, Semliki and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Tour date not fixed yet, hopefully we can run this tour by the end of 2011, or early 2012.
(1th, Sept.)

Some pictures taken recently in Romania about Danube Clauded Yellow, one of the most wanted species of Romania.
(31th, Aug.)

Some "fundraising-tour"-pictures are uploaded. Conservation work was one of the main raison to establish GreenEye, so we are very proud that we are on a kind of way with it.
(21th, Aug.)

We glady announce the good news, that our staff photographer and good friend, Ference Somodi won the "African Culture" category award on the prestigious Africa Photography Award competition with his incredible photograph of a goatherder, hanging on cellphone! Ferenc is probably the most active photographer of our crew today, and won several awards during the last one year, incl. a national award at National Geographic, several awards at the "Nature Photographer of the Year" competition, and the same at the famous BBC Wildlife and german Ganzlichter. Congratulation!!!
(14th, Aug.)

Steve uploaded his Gebel Elba report to Surfbirds! The tour was a full success, and seems this long-awaited destination is open now for the serious WP birders. So far we are the only company who offer this tour, so don't hesitate to sign-up for our next departure!
(12th, May)

Renewed butterfly tour to Ghana with Szabolcs Safian! We are proudly announce our second African butterfly tour organized in co-operation with the Butterfly Conservation Society of Ghana, and its founder, Szabolcs Safian. For more, please click here!
(15th, April)

New butterfly tour to Ethiopia with Torben Larsen! We are proudly announce the first ever butterfly tour organized in co-operation with the Butterfly Society of Ghana. The tour is led by Dr. Torben Larsen, the top expert of East African butterflies, author of the most definitive books of the area. His assistancy: Szabolcs Safian, the top expert of the younger generation on African butterflies, and Lajos Nemeth-Boka, who operate tours in Ethiopia for 10 years. The tour offers breathtaking scenery, great selection of habitats, great photo-opportunities and many endemic birds and mammals as well.
(26th, March)

New birding tour to WP enthusiasts! Steve Moldovan will lead a unique expedition to one of the most inaccessible spot of Egypt (Gebel Elba), which is now open for bookings. Gebel Elba area is one of the hotspots of the West Palearctic, with many unique species for the region, with several endemics and incredible vegetation. This is a very rare opportunity to get a chance to go there, so don't miss it!
(20, Febr.)

Just finished two month long touring... first a recce week to Djibouti (Foret du Day, Lac Assal, Lac Abbe), which was fantastic with dozens of Whale Sharks, many gazelles (Ariels, Pelzeln's, Gerenuks) 150+ bird species (incl. Djibouti Francolin of course) and incredible scenery. Than after we completed a three weeks long Full Ethiopia (Simien, Rift Valley, Omo area), and than a Classic Egypt (Nile Valley, Nile Delta, Baharya and Siwa Oases) tour.
(17, Febr.)

Staff-photographer Laci Novák & Balázs Kármán's ultimate kingfisher picture selected to decorate the BBC's Wild Planet poster.
(23, Dec.)

On Nick Brandt. The finest wildlife photographer on Earth.
(27, Oct.)

In quest of Kovacs' Sprawler, the best Noctuidae of the Carpathian-basin.
(27, Oct.)

About a recent "Moth-tour" to photograph Perisomena caecigena, one of the jewel of the Slovenian fauna.
(17, Oct.)

Crane-season in full swing!!! Click for some recently taken pictures!
(17, Oct.)

The best butterfly of Hungary: Freyer's (or Hungarian) Purple Emperor, plus a Tree Grayling tour.
(20, Aug.)

Our Four Large Blues.
(15, Aug.)

Scuba-pelagic tour to the southern Red Sea of Egypt.
(12 Aug.)

Visit of the Andersons.
(20, July)

Some photograps about the mega-rare Iolas Blue.
(20, July)

The re-dicovery of False Ringlet in West-Hungary after 75 years.
(20, July)

Visit to a unique Woodland Brown population of West-Hungary.
(11, June)

Annual Poplar Admiral counting in Orseg National Park, Hungary.
(10, June)

Succesful Great Bustard reintroduction to England with some personalias.
(5, June)

Laszlo Novak, our staff photographer is back from his Wild Wonders project.
(2, June)

Hungarian butterfly tour finished.
(2, June)

Zephyr Blue relocation in Hungary.
(25, May)

Croatia birding tour finished; pictures of Sombre Tit, Rock Partridge and Dalmatian Ringlet.
(20, May)

Hiking-trekking tour finished in Slovenia-Croatia.
(15, May)

Our visit to Austria to photograph millions of Bramblings.
(10, May)

Report of a Albanian birding tour with discovery of a 3000 bird large Lesser Kestrel roost.
(10, May)

Report of a summer 2008 Southern Egyptian pelagic-scuba tour.
(10, May)

Report from my 2008 Yemen/Socotra tour.
(10, May)

The first ever picture of False Comma from Hungary... discovered on screen.
(10, May)

A short report about our visit to the former "Hungarian Sahara", the recent Deliblatsko area of Serbia.
(10, May)

Upcoming trips & Expeditions

Slovenia butterflying (28 June - 04 July, 2023)

Bears and Butterflies of Transylvania. With Danube Clouded Yellow and High Carpathian extension; 07-14 July , 2023)

Crane weekend of Hungary (27-31 October, 2023)

All other 2023' dates are full. We are planning to open some further departures in June.

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