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During late June we had some time with tour-mates and later alone to visit all the recently known Hungarian site of Iolas Blue (Iolana iolas), probably the most wanted and beautiful Blue of all of our butterfly fauna. The species has lots of Hungarian relation, since it was discovered by our prominent collector, Tobias Koy in 1816 from Budapest (than called Ofen) near Farkasvolgy ("Valley of Wolfs"). His collection is still preserved in our National History Museum, where you can see the original almost two hundred years old specimens (lectotypes). (Download this great article written by my friend, dr. Zsolt Balint about the historical collections of our NHM. PDF, 1.0MB). Unfortunatelly the species almost extinct, and there were very few recent observations, while earlier this year I decided to collect the last infos and located the possible places with the help of Google Maps. Finally we succeeded to visit 9 of the possible places, and with the help of local experts we did find Iolas Blue at four spots. Unfortunatelly three are extremely small, while one is quite significant with about 15-40 specimens. We recorded the females' oviposition succesfully, which was quite significant, because contrary to earlier observations the female doesn't laying eggs on flowers, but she does on the capsulae of Colutea arborescens, its only foodplant. The species connected completely to his only foodplant, living, feeding exclusively on it. This is a terribly sensitive and unique creature of God/evolution/whatever. The genus also quite small, another gorgeus species live on Sinai, Egypt and around, called Iolana alfierii, and another one in Pakistan and Central Asia, called I. gigantea.
20 July, 2009

The largest European Blue, Iolas Blue' female sunbathing. Pictures taken with Gergo Szabo, a good friend who took me to the largest site we know in Hungary so far. © Gergely Szabó .

A female Iolas Blue laying eggs, the first photo ever takes as far as I know.

An odd female sunbathing on Colutea arborescens, its only foodplant.

Fresh female on Colutea arborescens' capsulae. © Gergely Szabó.

We had some very severe rains during our tours, so it was a big bonus when we did find some "semi-frozen" Balkan Goldenrings (Cordulagester heros) just bellow leafes, right near the road. This is one of the most shy, rare and fast-flying dragonfly in our fauna, literally impossible to photograph on any suny days.

We observed and photographed them from haf a meter. We have only some scattered populations at the western border and in Mecsek Mts at the south.

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