Dragonfly Macrophotography
Hungarian dragonfly-safari
In Quest of the „Flying Flowers" (Hungarian butterfly trip)"
Slovenia-Croatia butterfly special with 4 Large Blues pre-extension
Butterflies of Montenegro
Butterflies of Serbia with False Comma
Sri Lanka: Butterflies, Leopards, Blue Whales
Nepal: Butterflying at the Foothills of the Himalaya
Ethiopian Butterfly & Wildlife adventure with Tribal extension
Ghana butterfly adventure
Butterflies, Chimps, Gorillas (Uganda)
Day-birdwatching trips (Hungary)
Bears, Great Bustards… vampires!
( Hungary+Romania)!
The late summer birding trip (Hungary)
Crane weekend of Hungary
Wallcreepers, Ptarmigans, Rock Partridges (Slovenia-Croatia birding circle)
Birding in Serbia
"Birds & Pharaos", birding in Egypt
Southern Red Sea birding & diving adventure
Ethiopian birding adventure
Hungarian Bat Safari
Big game photosafaris
Hiking, Trekking, Multicultural - Outdoor
Ecoholidays in Hungary
Multicultural Highlights of Dracula country
Castles, Vampires and Counts of the Carpathians
The hidden face of Transylvania and Bucovina
Mediterranean Odyssey (Slovenia, Croatia)
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GreenEye as Visitors Sees It
Fifteen testimonials...



"... Thanks for making this my favorite trip of all time-- despite the revolution and danger to life, etc..."  

B. Parson , USA
Libya-trip during revolution

"... Trip was better than I dreamed. I am still reliving the marvelous trip I had with you. I am recommending it to all I see. Thank you so much for being my guide and for helping me achive this trip..."
J. Turpin, USA

"... That was one terrific trip. We're pretty united in that the Adriatic trip was fabulous, hard, challenging, terrific, and absolutely memorable..."
L. Pimental, USA

"...Lajos is a superlative guide - he is very knowledgeable, flexible with special requests and accountable both to the itinerary and to the passengers. Even when there were some blips, you never saw him annoyed or angry. He is an amazing person and a pleasure to travel with. If there is any negative it is that we ate too much fantastic food and gained too much weight!..."

-Attitude: Excellent , wonderful, bravo, super-great!!!
-Organization: Excellent - unbelievable attention to detail and making sure all was right for everyone.
-Communication: Excellent - can talk to many topics, talked to everyone, no one felt left out, made us all feel special.
E. Perica, USA (Int. Trav. News)

"...Lajos has a most interesting sense of humor, particularly his instant one line comments. Provided me with endless amusement..."
B. Kovarik, USA
"...Our birding vacation with you was the best one we have ever taken. You thought of every detail. We saw great birds and wonderful scenery, but most of all we had a great time. We enjoyed every moment, and we can't wait to return (5th time!)..." Some photos here!
W. Anderson, USA

"...GreenEye is unsurpassable..."
M. A. Hunter, Canada

"...In 2002 we have met again and did a deluxe private birding tour from Dubrovnik up to Slovenia, Hungary and Romania. Our trip completed in Bucharest. Four weeks, 4300 miles, 252 bird species. Lajos knows every species, all birds, butterflies, dragonflies, history. My head is still spinning by scientific names, political facts and historical dates. My wife and me did more than ninety countries before - this was definitely one of the most carefully planned and variable we have ever done! Illuminated Budapest, Croatia, Saxon cities and the Carpathian range of Transylvania are absolutely gorgeous. The organization and transport just great, we were treated very generously..."


M. Baki, Dubai


"...I have known Steve for some time now, and we have become good friends. He is a good company in the field, always cheerful and good-humored, and above all, he is a very knowledgeable birder. I can wholeheartedly recommend him as a bird guide..."

D. Forsman, Finland

"...Super hikes, great food, accomodation was excellent. I enjoyed the fact that the hikes took us to many places that tourists don't usually go-the organization was great. I felt that we were taken care of and there were no unexpected experiences. We were treated generously. The winning component of this was the tourguide, Lajos. Sensitive to each one's needs. Knowledgeable about so much, it is obvious he loves Transylvania and he transmits his love to everyone. He is wonderful! Thanks we were small group, we had great difference. Lajos managed everyone's personality with grace! This was a perfect holiday!..."
MJ. Odmark, USA

"...Enjoyed it all, especially the hikes, the culture and the food was great. The salt mine and the silver mine were special too, but as always, it is the small, unscheduled things that make is special. In this case, it was a lady in the Moc village (Transylvania) who invited us in to see her home..."
M. E. Stevens, USA

"...Superb value. Couldn't have done it on my own..."
Ch. Rieger, USA
"...Trip leader was wonderful!..."
A. Kaplan, UK

"...I think it is wonderful that the wine and beer and soft drink we taken were care of out meals. It is not so much the cost but we don't have to hassel with payment, coins, etc. The trip was fabulous..."
E. Shipman, USA

"...Enjoyed every aspects. As a whole... they were great, I was pleased with everything..."
E. Wiese, Canada

"...Diversity was excellent. Never felt rushed..."
E. Hooper, USA

"...We didn't know what to expect as we found them off of the internet along with several other guides. I was on a business trip and had several days extra I wanted to take. My wife and I hired GreenEye for three days to show us some of the birds of Hungary. First of all, my wife and I are fairly experienced birders that go for the fun, so we also did some touring while birding. We especially wanted to see the 30.000 cranes fly in at night. You need to explain to Lajos what you are looking for - if you want to bird from dawn to dusk and see as many species as possible, or if you want to see the rare birds (Imperial Eagle - Eagle Owl - Ural Owl) - you need to tell him up front. We had a great time and we found the people associated with the tour very friendly and accommodating. Our adventure with GreenEye was really fun. So when we go back we will hire GreenEye again. .."
J & Z. Hunt, USA

"...I did enjoy the trip - the walk through history was very interesting. I appreciate how fortune we are to live here. I enjoyed the fact that the hikes took as to many places that tourists don't usually go - the organization was great. We were well taken care of and there were no unexpected expenses..."
M. Conolly, Canada

"... You both are lovely, interesting people and it was a joy to be with you. The trip was so well planned, the food excellent and you handled everything with a pleasant personal touch. The birthday party was also a thoughtful, lovely surprise!..."
O. Buchert, Switzerland

"...thoroughly enjoyed myself and must say that in all the travels I have never experienced anything like this... once again thank you for a splendid tour guidance around Hungary and Romania. Everything is still vivid in my mind, particularly the care that you two have taken with us 'oldies' and the knowledge you passed on to us. I appreciated your professional approach and fully enjoyed everything that you showed us..."
W. Moser, Australia

"..One of our veteran guides is Susanne, a highly capable, knowledgable and enthusiastic member of the GreenEye team. From medieval history to the natural world, Susanne has a remarkable range of knowledge all delivered by the warmth of her friendly and engaging personality. She is multi-talented, and you will be in the best of hands with this veteran of travel..."

G. Ross, Canada

"...From our experience of other birding tours we were a little apprehensive that the emphasis would be on 'ticking' and we had made it clear that our main interest was to watch birds and behaviour rather than to see as many species - or 'firsts' - as possible in a short time. We need not have worried. Our small group was like minded and our guides were able to tailor their tour to the group's pace and needs. Every day had its highlight, both in birds and countryside and places of more general tourist interest.

So, castles and tourist villages, wonderful ancient and unbelievably huge beech forests, the porcelain of Herend, the enormous Baralda cave system, part of the Aggtelek National Park, probably the finest cave system that we have ever visited, and always interesting conversation and comments from our guides. Certainly a very successful trip that makes us want to return and see more..."

J. Dawes & D. Whaley, Cyprus

"...I loved the trip. I really enjoyed being in places that are not frequented by tourists - the small towns were my favourite. Susanne, the local guide is a sweatheart!..."

S. Canale, UK

"...I've been greatly enjoying your photographs, particularly the "action" photos that reveal things the eye cannot see, and the wonderful shots of the rarer European species..."
B. McKay
"...By the way, how do you hold on your hand such shy mountain bird as Rock Thrush? Please, continue to enjoy us ! Thanks again for sharing such beauties... Fabulous shots! Congratulations!..."
J. Fouarge
"...Your pictures are fantastic. I have taken many but nothing that compares with these..."
K. Woveris
"...Lajos, thanks for the tour! Just amazing!!!..."
A. Webb
"...Very much enjoying your website! What an excellent eye for composition you have... They are wonderful!..."
C. Edwards
"...Outstanding photos. You....really know how to post photos dont you!?! You put alot on your plate for all of us to enjoy. Amazing, Thanks..."
G. Ranada
"...Your photos are really great and I hope that someday I`ll be able to shot some like these, too..."
Ch. Loennecke
"...Thanks for the sharing those excellent photos. These must be some of the best shots around..."
L. Poh ("Father of Digiscoping")
"...My computer is bringing me ever more brilliant shots from so many of you, and now GreenEye has upped the standard yet again with his stunning Kingfisher and Dipper pics. I love them all. Keep them coming everyone.. Thank you..."
S. Meinhold

Upcoming trips & Expeditions

Slovenia butterflying (28 June - 04 July, 2023)

Bears and Butterflies of Transylvania. With Danube Clouded Yellow and High Carpathian extension; 07-14 July , 2023)

Crane weekend of Hungary (27-31 October, 2023)

All other 2023' dates are full. We are planning to open some further departures in June.

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