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A cabelcar takes us up high to Mt. Vogel.
Lipica, one of the most fabous horse stable on Planet.
Lake Bohinj glacier valley with the northern Julian Alps in the background, with the highest peak of the country, Mt. Triglav.
Wonderful meadows along the Ljubljana marhes.
The source of the Sava river is a great habitat of butterflies and dragonflies en route to Mt. Mangart.
Mt. Mangart, the highest accesible places in Slovenia with cars.
Mt. Nanos, a real garden of eden.
Skocjan cave, one of the highlights of Slovenia. A must!

The pictouresque Lake Cerknica in autumn colours.

Everybody knows Lake Bled and its castle, perched on the cliff above the lake.


In search of Apollos and "Erebia"-s, with 4 Large Blue pre-extension.

Summary and recommendation: This tour is focusing on photography and twitching of high altitude alpine butterflies with some side-tour to the mediterranean coastal area to pick up further variety.

Notes: Our highest species number on this trip was 121 in 2011. We ended up with 12 Erebia species, incl. Stirian, and the endemic ssp. trentae of the Stygian Ringlet. This tour was also run as a "fundraising tour" in cooperation with the European Interest Group of the Butterfly Conservation, UK. The tour resulted 109 species, even in a pretty bed weather, incl. 10 Erebia spp., and Wallcreepers, of course.


 Destination countries: Slovenia. Arrive and depart Ljubljana.

Next schedule:
- 28, June- 04 July, 2023 (Open

Duration: 8 days

-Petery Bygate's photogallery, taken on our trip, please click here!
For some nice 4 Large Blue pictures, please click here!
- For some Slovenian tour photos, click here!

- False Ringlet pictures, click here!
- Iolas Blue pictures, click here!
- Woodland Brown pictures, click here!
- Poplar Admiral pictures, click here!
- Some birdies here and here!
- Some nice nightmoths here!

Price (landprice): 1099 GBP + 110 GBP single supplement. Price includes: accommodations and meals (lunch is typically picnic!), drinking water, vehicle hire with fuel and driver guide, park entrance fees and ranger guides. The price exclude: bank transfer loss, international flight, visa, tips, drinks, personal travel insurance and any other activities of personal request e.g. laundry, toalet fees, phone calls, etc.

Accommodation: Three-star hotels with all rooms en suite.

Numbers: 3-6.

Transport: 4Wds, or 2 x 9 seats minivan.

Description: "...Despite its small size (20,256 km2) Slovenia has a very diverse and exremely gorgeius landscape. The country is in the a centre of Europe, where four biogeographic regions meets. There are high craggy alpine peaks with gorgeous meadows, midd-altitude extensive forests and hills, lowland at the Pannonian plane, and and a small portion of the mediterranean at the extreme southwest. At the moment 181 butterfly species registered in Slovenia, which is far the highest in Eastern Europe, even more than in the much larger Romania. During this tour we will concentrate o the diversity of the high altitude species, but we will spending some day in the middhills and at the mediterranean as well to have the highest possible list of butterflies we can manage..."

Target species of the tour:
Papilionidae: Swallowtail, Scarce Swallowtail, Apollo, Clouded Apollo.
Pieridae: Yellows (Clouded, Pale-clouded, Berger's Clouded), Woods (Common, Fenton's, Duponchel's), Whites (Large, Mountain Small, Green-veined, Southern Small, Eastern Bath), Cleopatra.
Lycaenidae: Arguses (Brown, Mountain Argus, Geranium), Coppers (Green-underside, Large, Small, Sooty, Purple-edged), Blues (Alpine, Little, Long-tailed, Lang's Short-tailed, Alcon, Ligurian Large, Scarce Large Blue, Silver-studded, Reverdin's, Idas, Adonis, Chalk-hill, Chequered, Turquoise, Meleager's, Baton, Mazarine), Hairstreaks (Sloe, Ilex, Black, Blue-spot, White-letter, Brown, Purple).
Riodinidae: Duke of Burgundy Fritillary.
Libytheidae: Nettle-tree Butterfly.
Nymphalidae: The Pasha, Purple and Lesser Purple Emperors, Admirals (Poplar, White, Southern White), Southern Comma, Camberwell Beauty, Large Tortoiseshell, Hungarian Glider, Cardinal, Map Butterfly, Fritillaries (High Brown, Dark-green, Niobe, Silver-washed /valesina form too/, Marbled, Lesser Marbled, Weaver's, Pearl-bordered, Small Pearl-bordered, Asian, Titania's, Shepherd's, Queen of Spain, Heath, Nickerl's, Assmann's, Glanville, False, Spotted, Lesser Spotted, Knapweed).
Satyridae: Heaths (Pearly, Alpine, Chestnut, Small, Large), Graylings (Common, False Great Banded, Tree), Great Sooty Satyr, The Hermit, Dryad, Gatekeeper, Balkan Marbled White, Marbled White, Browns (Woodland, Wall, Large Wall, Northern Wall). "
Erebias": Arguses (Scotch), Ringlets (Lorkovic's Brassy, Common Brassy, Mountain, Large, Silky, Yellow-spotted, Black, Lesser Mountain, Bright-eyed, Blind, Sooty, Water, Styrian, Stygian), Arran Brown.
Hesperidae: Skippers (Mallow, Chequered, Large Chequered, Silver-spotted, Large Grizzler, Dusky Grizzled, Alpine Grizzled, Oberthür's Grizzled, Safflower, Red underwing, Lullworth, Small, Essex, Large).

Note: We are not giving out more specific itineraries as a result of illegal and unwanted collecting activities.


Day 1: After arrival to Lubljana, we drive for about two hours to our hotel, in a stunning location next to Lake Bohinj, among the craggy peaks of the Julian Alps. If time permitting, we'll stop en route at Lake Bled. Overnight Lake Bohinj.

Day 2: This morning a cable car takes us up to Mt. Vogel where we will enjoy spectacular views over the snowcapped Julian Alps, among them Triglav, the highest peak in Slovenia (2,864 meters) and Lake Bohinj below. We get acquainted with the legend of the Triglav and Zlatorog (a Chamois), and will see our first Alpine species and Erebias. Overnight Lake Bohinj.

Day 3: We spend the morning in the Bohinj area again. We will discover beautiful alpine pastures, meadows and the country's largest peatbog, Sijec Bog, home to colourful flowers and many interesting butterflies and dragonflies. Later in the day we drive to our next spot to the western side of the Julian Alps, to Mt. Mangart, which is the highest road of the country and home of some very special butterflies. Erebias and Apollos are in full swing there.

Day 4: Full day on Mt. Mangart and its slopes in search for rare Erebias, Blues and Apollos. Among the birds we will see Ptarmigans, Wallcreepers, Snowfinch, Alpine Chough, Alpine Accentor, Golden Eagle and we might enjoy some spectacular Alpine Ibex, Chamois and Marmots as well. We will aslo see one of the rarest lizzard of Europe, Horvath's Wall Lizzard too.

Day 5: After breakfast we drive to and explore the magnificent Mt. Nanos, a huge island-rock, which stands like a secret garden above the surrounding plain, full of amazing flowers. The mountain has a very interesting flora and fauna, and holds many rare butterflies. Lots of interesting reptiles live here including the enigmatic Nose-horned Viper, and Nanos is home to Golden Eagle and Chamois too. For overnight we drive to Rakov National Park is a famous nature reserve, showing many typical karst features. Most of the park is a limestone plateau with trees and with seasonally vanishing waters. In this plateau, several deep river valleys can be found ('Poljes' in Slovenian, a word adopted by geologists worldwide for this kind of karst feature). Overnight Rakov Skocjan.

Day 6: Another day at the foot of Mt. Nanos. At the afternoon we shortly visit Lipica, and depend on common decision we can see an hourly horse-ride performance to make our tour even more interesting. Add to the variety, after our afternoon search for butterflies, we drive to Trieste, Italy for dinner and enjoying the atmosphere of this famous historical port, before we drive back to Rakov Skocjan for overnight. There are no big distances here...

Day 7: During the morning we visit the area of Lake Cerknica, a seasonal lake in Inner Carniola, a region of Slovenia and a world-ranking attraction. When full, for about half the year, it is the biggest lake in the country. It starts to disappear in spring and leaves behind a field where farmers cut hay through the summer. There are huge expanses of reed, sedge and wet grasslands, and some remnants of raised peatbogs on the east shore. At the afternoon we hike two hours in Skocjan Cave, which is a world attraction and a must for everyone, visiting the country. We will walk 90 meters high above a giant underground river, and finish the trip on the bottom of a huge, hundred metre deep gorge, from where a cablecar returns to the starting point. We also explore the karst forests and meadows around the cave, on the slopes of Mt. Sneznik. The area excellent for butterflies.

Day 8:
Drivig back to Ljubljana, departure day.

Please note that we will arrange extension for this tour, most possibly to the Õrség NP of Western Hungary.

Upcoming trips & Expeditions

Slovenia butterflying (28 June - 04 July, 2023)

Bears and Butterflies of Transylvania. With Danube Clouded Yellow and High Carpathian extension; 07-14 July , 2023)

Crane weekend of Hungary (27-31 October, 2023)

All other 2023' dates are full. We are planning to open some further departures in June.

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Lorkovich' Brassy Ringlet is one of the best butterfly of the country... guaranteed!
Apollo, another star-butterfly.
Silver-washed Fritillary (forma valesina).
Geranium Argus.
Camberwell Beauty.
Alpine Blue.
The Pasha.
Large Chequered Skipper.
Purple Emperor.
Hungarian Glider.
Chalk-hill Blue.
Shepherd's Fritillary.
The Gatekeeper.
Meleager's Blue.
Long-tailed Blue.
Mountain Green-veined White.
Mass gathering of Whites.
Poplar Admiral.
Bog Hawker.
Slovenia having incredible selection of reptiles, among them rarities like Horvath's Wall Lizzard.
Slovenia offers great variety of mountain birds, incl. gorgeous Wallcreepers.
Alpine Ibex, the king of the rocks. Reintroduced in the 60's after a hundred year of extinction.
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