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Ghana butterfly adventure.

Summary and recommendation: "...Two weeks butterfly expedition in search of the best habitats of Ghana, one of the most welcoming, safe and easy-approach West African country available today. Tourguide: Szabolcs Safian..."


Destination country: Ghana. Start and finish in Accra.

Next schedule: TBA

Duration: 16 days.

Guide: Szabolcs Safian (aka Safi). Safi visited and guided more than 20 butterfly expeditions to Ghana and discovered 10+ species for the country, incl. even some new for the science (namely Iridana agneshorvathae and Euriphele taigona... several other new taxa awaiting formal descriptions). He also travelled widely in other West African countries, incl. off-the-beaten corners of war-thorned Liberia, Sierra Leone, and he also did fieldworks in Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda as well. He is the founder of the Butterfly Conservation Society of Ghana and co-led our Ethiopia butterfly expedition as well.

Recommended literature: Torben B. Larsen’s two volume epos, "The Butterflies of West Africa".

Price: - ... GBP (... GBP for five or less people). Single supplement: ... GBP. Price includes: accommodations and meals (lunch is typically picnic!), drinking water, vehicle hire with fuel and driver guide, park entrance fees and ranger guides. The price exclude: bank transfer loss, international flight, visa, tips, drinks, personal travel insurance and any other activities of personal request e.g. laundry, toalet fees, phone calls, etc.

Please note, this is a fundraising tour, 100% of the profit is donated to Hungarian Heritage Trust, to buying lands for the benefit of butterflies, under the auspices of Butterfly Conservation, UK, European Interest Group.

Accommodation: Three-star hotels with all rooms en suite. Air-conditioned rooms will be provided wherever available.

Numbers: Min. 5, max. 15 pax + 1 guide.

Description: "...Ghana has about 950 species of butterflies. In this two weeks butterfly tour, we are aimed to see as many as possible, but the butterfly activity always depends on the season, weather and other circumstances. The tour is designed also to see beautiful landscapes, natural habitats from savannah to primary rainforests, other wildlife such as birds, some primates and big games of Africa. The walks are normally gentle, although the tropical climate might be a challenge for some. Protection against direct sun and carrying enough water are always important. Ghana has a wide range of cultural and ethnical attractions; we will meet them throughout our tour, as well as the warmest welcome by one of the friendliest nation in the world..."

Transport: Transport is by fully air-conditioned minivan or 4x4s, depends on the group size.


Day 1: Arrival day. Overnight: Accra.

Day 2: Travel to the Volta Region (Amedzofe, Mount Gemi). On the way to Hohoe we will stop in Amedzofe, a village in the Togo Mountains, which was an old German settlement during German Togoland. Wet rainforests once covered the area, in the 1970s even the Giant African Swallowtail (Papilio antimachus) was collected here. It is now mostly fallow farmland with some patches of secondary forest, but it is worth to visit Mount Gemi for dry grassland species like the Western Giant Cupid (Lepidochrysops parsimon) and hilltopping butterflies including a few Charaxes species and even Painted Lady (Vanessa cardui). Some old trees in the village Amedzofe host mistletoe foodplant of the beautiful Sapphires (Iolaus ssp.)
Overnight: Hohoe.

Day 3: Likpe Mountain. In the morning we drive to Likpe Todome a nice village on the Togolese border. Here we will head for the heights of the Likpe Mountain. It might be a bit tough hiking, but we have the whole day to achieve and on the top the view is beautiful and on the way we can stop whenever we see butterflies along the trail. Likpe Mtn. is the home of the endemic Volta Protea Playboy (Capys vorgasi). The rare Blue-Patch Charaxes (Charaxes lactecintus) is a regular hilltopper here, more common species like Western Red Charaxes (C. cynthia), White-barred Charaxes (C. brutus), Cream-bordered Charaxes (C. epijasius) were also seen here. Overnight: Hohoe.

Day 4: Wli Waterfalls and Nature Reserve. Wli is a lovely waterfalls which is told to be the highest in West Africa. It might be true, since the cliffs are really high, although nobody has ever measured the height of the waterfalls. The forest around is really full of butterflies, studies revealed that more than 500 species occur here, including rarities such as Volta Swallowtail (Papilio nobicea), Friendly Nymph (Euriphene amicia), Elegant Paradise Skipper (Abantis elegantula). Overnight: Hohoe.

Day 5-6: Kyabobo National Park. Kyabobo is a mosaic of savannah and forest habitats. The forest is mainly restricted to the valleys while the hilltops are covered by drier woodlands or grasslands. Lots of butterflies are attracted by the streams, where mubpuddling assemblages are often seen. One of the main attractions of the park is the Laboum Falls and the beautiful forest around. Lots of interesting butterflies can be found here, including the recently described Kyabobo Green Sapphire (Etesiolaus kyabobo) or the fast flying Fox’s Euptera (Euptera zowa). Overnight: Nkwanta.

Day 7: Full day travelling to Mole National Park. The way to Mole from Nkwanta is long and might be tiring but we will interrupt when we see a suitable patch of riverine forest or nice savannah grassland for butterflies. Overnight: Mole NP.

Day 8-9: Mole National Park. Mole is more famous for large mammals and bird than for butterflies, and therefore we hire a local guide who will take us to the elephant watching spots. Still interesting savannah species might occur, including a few species of Orange Tips (Colotis spp.). Moth trapping is also possible in Mole. Overnight: Mole NP.

Day 10: Driving down to Bobiri Butterfly Sanctuary (stopover at Kintampo waterfalls). Kintampo Falls is the only locality where the Crocker’s Forester (Euphaedra crockery akani) was recently seen, but it is exceedingly rare. We will try to find it. In the evening we will arrive to Bobiri where the accommodation is basic, but the food is excellent and the number of butterflies is outstandingly high. Overnight: Bobiri.

Day 11-12: Bobiri Butterfly Sanctuary. Butterfly watching in Bobiri, moth trapping in the evenings. 600+ species of butterflies occur in Bobiri, mainly rainforest genera such as Euphaedra, Euriphene, Bebearia, Cymothoe. Overnight: Bobiri.

Day 13-14: Kakum National Park. Morning travel to Kakum National Park, where we spend the afternoon, and the following day. Beside butterflies we will also visit the famous Canopy Walkway, a series of rope bridges in the canopy level of the rainforest. A number of butterflies were named after Kakum Forest e.g. Kakum Fairy Hairstreak (Hypolycaena kakumi), Western Kakumia (Kakumia otlauga). Overnight: Hans Cottage Botel

Day 15: Travelling back to Accra, morning stop at the infamous Cape Coast Castle (slavery museum) souvenir shopping in the handicraft village, lunch at the famous Tantemarie African Restaurant (some BA flights leave in the evening). Overnight: .

Day 16: Departure day.


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2023' dates are coming in late August

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