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Ox-bow at the Tisza river
Large Red Damselfly (Pyrrhosoma nymphula)
Lesser Emperor Dragonfly
(Anax parthenope)
Large White-faced Darter
(Leucorrhinia pectoralis)
Banded Darter
(Sympetrum pedemontanum)
Green Club-tailed Dragonfly
(Gomphus cecilia)
Scarlet Skimmer
(Crocothemis servilia)


Hungarian dragonfly-safari

Summary and recommendation: One week long "dragonfly-quest" safari at the best water habitats of Hungary for 50+ species. Twitching, photography and exploration are in focus. We will do special attention for butterflies and interesting birds as well.

Destination country: Hungary. Arrive and depart in Wienna.

- 22-31, May 2022
- 2023 TBA

Duration: 8 days (extension available; see below!).

Price: 1190 GBP + 110 GBP single supplement. Price includes: accommodations and meals (lunch is typically picnic!), drinking water, vehicle hire with fuel and driver guide, park entrance fees and ranger guides. The price exclude: bank transfer loss, international flight, visa, tips, drinks, personal travel insurance and any other activities of personal request e.g. laundry, toalet fees, phone calls, etc.

Accommodation: Three-star hotels with all rooms en suite.

Numbers: Min. 3, max. 5 tour participants.

Transport: 4WDs.

Note: The tour was developed in connection with Dr. Andras Ambrus and Dr. Sandor Toth, the premier dragonfly-experts of the Hungary.

Description: "...Hungary's dragonfly fauna is one of the richest of the continent with 65 species. On a well-developed 7-10 days long circle we intend to find a definitive 58 species at the finest waters of the country. Our trip cover the Kiskunsag National Parl and all the Transdanubian part of Hungary along the Drava NP and the western border, up to the Austro-Slovakian corner. Durnig this quite and restful trip culture, history and other animals we be always in focus too..."

Target species: Beautifull Demoiselle, Banded Demoiselle, Common Winter Damselfly, Southern Emerald Damselfly, Small Emerald Damselfly, Willow Emerald Damselfly, Dark Emerald Damselfly, Emerald Damselfly, Scarce Emerald Damselfly, White-legged Damselfly, Large Red Damselfly, Blue-tailed Damselfly, Scarce Blue-tailed Damselfly, Dainty Damselfly, Ornate Damselfly, Azure Damselfly, Variable Damselfly, Common Blue Damselfly, Red-eyed Damselfly, Small Red-eyed Damselfly, Club-tailed Dragonfly, Yellow-legged Club-tailed Dragonfly, Green Club-tailed Dragonfly, Green-eyed Hook-tailed Dragonfly, Hairy Dragonfly, Green Hawker, Southern Hawker, Brown Hawker, Migrant Hawker, Mediterranean Hawker, Norfolk Hawker, Vagrant Emperor Dragonfly, Emperor Dragonfly, Lesser Emperor Dragonfly, Two-toothed Golden-ringed Dragonfly, Bolton's Golden-ringed Dragonfly.

Tripline: Kiskunsag NP - Drava river - Mura river - Kerka river -Kis Balaton Nature Reserve - lakes and reservoirs of Orseg NP -Raba river - Repce river - streams of Koszeg Mts. - Ferto Hansag NP - Danube river at Szigetkoz Landscape Protection area.

Itinerary: updated itinerary for July coming soon!





Black square=Budapest


Upcoming trips & Expeditions

Slovenia butterflying (21 - 28 July, 2022)

Bears and Butterflies o Transylvania. With Danube Clouded Yellow and High Carpathian extension; 30 July - 06, Aug. , 2022)

Crane weekends of Hungary (October, 2022)

2023' dates are coming in late August

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Azure Damselfly
(Coenagrion puella)
Larvae of Emperor Dragonfly
(Anax imperator)
White-tailed Skimmer (Orthetrum albistylum)
Flooded gallery forest at the Tisza river
Bulbous White-faced Darter
(Leucorrhinia caudalis)
Golden-ringed Dragonfly
(Cordulegaster heros)
Southern Hawk
(Aeschna cyanea)
Broad-bodied Chaser (Libellula depressa)
Two-spotted Dragonfly (Epitheca bimaculata)
Yellow-winged Darter (Sympetrum flaveolum)
Yellow-legged Club-tailed Dragonfly (Sympetrum flaveolum)
Riverside at dawn
(Drava river)
Ornate Damselfly
(Coenagrion ornatum)
Mountain reservoir
(Matra Mts.)
Migrant Hawker (Aeschna mixta)
Red-eyed Damselfly
(Erythromma najas)
Banded Demoiselle
(Agrion splendens)
Beautifull Demoiselle (Agrion virgo)
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