Dragonfly Macrophotography
Hungarian dragonfly-safari
In Quest of the „Flying Flowers" (Hungarian butterfly trip)"
Slovenia-Croatia butterfly special with 4 Large Blues pre-extension
Butterflies of Montenegro
Butterflies of Serbia with False Comma
Sri Lanka: Butterflies, Leopards, Blue Whales
Nepal: Butterflying at the Foothills of the Himalaya
Ethiopian Butterfly & Wildlife adventure with Tribal extension
Ghana butterfly adventure
Butterflies, Chimps, Gorillas (Uganda)
Day-birdwatching trips (Hungary)
Bears, Great Bustards… vampires!
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Hungarian Bat Safari
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Hiking, Trekking, Multicultural - Outdoor
Ecoholidays in Hungary
Multicultural Highlights of Dracula country
Castles, Vampires and Counts of the Carpathians
The hidden face of Transylvania and Bucovina
Mediterranean Odyssey (Slovenia, Croatia)
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Evangelic church (Sincrau)
Evangelic church (Sucevita)
Mediaval fortress on a hilltop (Trascau)
Secler rock with tha main street of Rimetea
Parliament, second largest building on the Globe (Bucharest)
Gipsy band playing for us
On the sacred peak of the Mt. Hargita
Chimney-cake making is always a big fun
The gigantic and incredible saltmine of Praid


Castles, Vampires and Counts of the Carpathians
(Hungary-Romania: "The Exotic Face of Europe"

Summary and recommendation: 15 days long hiking-trekking tour with cultural and historical aspects of Hungary and Romania's Transylvania. Hikes specially designed for people 50 and over. Coloured with lots of interaction by local people.

"...On his first visit to Transylvania, Prince Charles was immediately struck by the precious legacy of this area and said he was “totally overwhelmed by its unique beauty and its extraordinarily rich heritage"...”

Destination countries: Hungary and Romania. Arrive to Budapest, depart from Bucharest.

Next schedules: Upon request.

Duration: 15 days (extension available; see below). Extensions available, please see bellow.

Price: Ask! Single supplement: TBA. Price includes: accommodations and meals (lunch is typically picnic!), drinking water, vehicle hire with fuel and driver guide, park entrance fees and ranger guides. The price exclude: bank transfer loss, international flight, visa, tips, drinks, personal travel insurance and any other activities of personal request e.g. laundry, toalet fees, phone calls, etc.

Accommodation: Three-star hotels with all rooms en suite.

Numbers: Max. 16 tour participants.

Transport: Minivans or Mercedes bus with 21 seats, depend on group size.

Description: "...Our trip to Hungary and Romania is an artful blend of culture, exquisite scenery, history, and activity. The adventure begins in the famed city of Budapest, the Pearl of of the Danube. Widely regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful cities, Budapest is a city of spas, 2,000 year-old Roman amphitheaters, 400 year-old Turkish baths, and 223 museums and galleries all situated on the graceful Danube. After a boat journey on the Danube, we head north to see "Pusta" in Hortobagy National Park before crossing into Romania, where our adventure in Transylvania begins. In the Carpathian Mountains, we encounter ancient pockets of European culture. See the magnificent fortress-town of Sighisoara and walk through the grand square of Brasov. Onward through Transylvania, our destination is the Bran Castle, a fortress atop a dramatic rock outcrop. Our adventure in Transylvania concludes in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. This trip is your invitation to explore Europe’s last great wilderness, magnificent architecture and ancient European customs..."
Trip outline: 

Day "0". Pre-extensions.

Day 1: Arrive to Budapest. Welcome dinner.

Day 2. Budapest Sightseeing 1. (Pest side): Old Buda, Heroes Square, Fine Art Museum, Andrassy Street, Parliament, Vaci Street, Basilica.

Day 3: Hikes around Vertes Hills, visiting the romanesc church of Zsambek, explore the gorgeous gardens and arboretums of Alcsut.

Day 4: Serbian city of Szentendre, Open-air village Museum; Budapest Sightseeing 2. (Buda side): Janos Hill, Castle District, Gellert Hill.

Day 5: Godollo Royal Palace, residence of Franz Joseph the 1st. and his wife, Queen Elisabeth (Sisi). Animal park and Pusta introduction at the Hortobagy NP, Nine-arch bridge, Black Pottery Museum.

Day 6: Romania border cross, Oradea cathedral. Bucea Pass (gate of Transylvania). Sincrau village tour: Magyar culture, barn-program, calvinist church.

Day 7: Hike at the fabulous mediaval castle ruins of Trascau. Rimetea local museum, open-air laundry. Secler rock. Visit the remote Moc world (Moc culture), one of the most intact part of Europe, many villages still without electricity and running water. We also visit today an old wooden carved orthodox monastery.

Day 8: Visit a new orthodox monastery. Turda Gorge hike. Drive to Odorheiu Secuiesc.

Day 9: Deep underground salt mine of Praid. Visit the traditional unitarian village of Inlaceni - a World Heritage Site. Charcoal makers of Kalonda Pass.

Day 10: Saxon basilica of Biertan and hike to Capsa Mare. To Sighisoara (Saxon culture; World Heritage Site), exploring the incredible mediaval city with birthplace of Count Dracula... now a pub!

Day 11: Visit 100 years old secler gates and special sulphuric springs. Explore the Saxon heritage of Viscrii... the favourite spot of Prince Charles.

Day 12: Brasov: Black Church (greatest gothic church of East Europe. First romanian school and old manuscript museum. Old orthodox Romanian monastery. Prejmar: old fortified saxon churches.

Day 13: Visit Risnov peasant and defense fortress. Bran Royal Castle (Dracula myth, Roman culture).

Day 14: To Bucharest via Sinaia: Peles Royal Castle, Sinaia Orthodox Monastery. Bucharest sightseeing with Parliament building, Herastrau Park, Calea Victoreii.

Day 15: Departure or join to post-extensions.

-Pre-extension: More detailed Budapest sightseeing available, 1-3 days upon request, before the trips.
-Post-extension: We have a very short time in Bucharest, only enough to pointing sights from our bus. One post-tour day for detailed sightseeings recommended.

Black squares=Capitals
Yellow dots=base trip stations


Upcoming trips & Expeditions

Slovenia butterflying (21 - 28 July, 2022)

Bears and Butterflies o Transylvania. With Danube Clouded Yellow and High Carpathian extension; 30 July - 06, Aug. , 2022)

Crane weekends of Hungary (October, 2022)

2023' dates are coming in late August

Full tour calendar

Vlad Tepes the Impaler (Count Dracula)
The "official" birthplace of Vlad Tepes... now a pub!
Bran castle (XIX. century)
Bran castle now
Fortified Saxon Church (Biertan). World Heritage Site.
Fortified Saxon Church (Feheregyhaza)
Fagaras castle at dusk
Main square with Black church (Brasov)
Painted monastery (Bucovina)
Mediaval fortress (Hunedoara)
Mediaval aristocratic palace (Lazarea)
Neamt monastery (Bucovina)
Peles Royal Palace (Sinaia)
Aerial view of Peles Palace
Peasant fortress of Risnov
Mediaval citadell of Sighisoara (World Heritage Site)
Capitol Hotel (one of our residence in Bucharest)
Secler rock (Trascau)
Secler dancing course
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